Safety Pick

I love playing guitar but I’ve always had a problem with dropping picks.  Sometimes they go flying out of my hand in the middle of a song, other times I just forget where I put one when I’m looking up tabs.  For a while I tried keeping a spare in my pocket but the time it takes to reach into a pocket can ruin a song, and it’s not long before I lose the backup too.  A few days ago I had an idea that would solve my problems.  I call it the safety pick…

As you can see it’s a very simple invention, basically just a pick attached to a rubber band.  I drilled a hole in the pick by poking it with an Exacto knife and twisting.  Then I strung a rubber band through the hole.  I tied a loop in the end so it would loosely attach to my index finger while still leaving some extra slack.  I’ve been testing this design for a few days now and it seems to work well.

Update: After some testing I recommend using a slightly longer rubber band and attaching it further up the index finger then in this picture.

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