I’ve always had a deep love ofvideogames. At a young age I learned to makegames in Visual Basic. In high school I bought a TI-82 and read the entire manual that same night. I honed my craft by cloning manypopular games for TI-82 Basic. In college I studied computer scienceand othergame development related subjects.After graduating I begana long career in video game development and contributed to many popular gameslike Doom,Starhawk,Red Faction: Guerrilla,Psi-Ops,Outlaw Golf, andDeer Avenger 4.

Over the years I’vereleased a fairlydiverse collection of independent games. Most of my games use an open source game engine I wrote calledThe Frank Engine. I try to maintain them and releaseoccasionalupdates so they all still work nicely on a modern PC.

Featured Games

Bounce Back

JS13k 2019 2nd Place Winner!

A retro boomerang roguelite adventure.


Currently Under Development

A loving tribute to adventure games that literally spans an entire planet.



Currently Under Development

Atop down action rogue-like with random destructablemaps.


Monster Mart 2015

Austin Education Game Jam Winner!

Learn how to count money asa cashier in a grocery store for monsters.


Faster Blaster 2012

Anon-linear action adventure game with a mix of 8-bit style graphics and a huge world to explore.Started asamash-up between Metroid and Blaster Master.


Go Bonsai 2008

Realistic interactive 3D bonsai tree simulation that grows in real time. Interact with a living tree as it grows by trimming to guide its growth.


Complements 2005

Complements is a physics based puzzle game. The game mechanics are best described as a cross between Puzzle Fighter and Snood with a twist of physics.

JavaScript Games

I moved most of the JavaScript stuff to it’s own page!

48 Hour Games

I have participated in many rapid prototyping sessions, but the 48 hour format is really the true test of fast game making skills. For most of these games I have released an “enhanced” version with more polished gameplay.


Ludum Dare 44

Arcade twin stick shooter in Javascript. Placed 101 overall and and 65th in fun.


Berry Thorny2015

Ludum Dare34

Endlessrunner made in Unrealwithprocedural level generation. Placed 174 overall and and 88 in graphics.


The Monster I Am2015

Ludum Dare33

Rampage style game with physics simulation. Placed 209 overall out of 1199 and 66 in fun.


Scan Lines2014

Ludum Dare31

Aplatformer where the world is being rebuilt one scan line at a time. Placed 47th overall out of 1365 and 15th in innovation!

secret formula

Secret Formula 2013

Indie Speed Run 2013 Winner!

An interesting mixture of platforming, rope swinging, and stealth gameplay. Made by a team of 3 people.


(R, G, B) 2013

Ludum Dare 26

A minimalist adventure game with an interesting lighting effects. Placed 42 overall out of 1610 and 10th in graphics.


Dark World2012

Ludum Dare 25

A platformer/shooter. The theme was “You are the villain”. Placed 158 overall out of 1327 and 38th inmood.


Spacescape 2011

Ludum Dare 21

The spaceship you were living on is suddenly under attack, get to an escape pod before it self destructs! Placed 18th overall out of 599 and 20th inaudio.


Light The Way 2011

Ludum Dare 20

Guide the creatures to safety by shining your light. Placed 31st overall out of 352 and 11th ininnovation.


Protractor 2010

Ludum Dare 18

A katamari shoot-em-up.The theme was enemies as weapons. Placed 37th overall out of 213 and 12th ingraphics.

Sifteo Games

I wasworking with Sifteo for a while to make some games for their unique portable gaming system. These games can also be played on a PCin an emulator.


Squaresville 2013

MAGFest Indie Showcase Game

A puzzle platformer game for Sifteo cubes that also runs on PC in emulator. Squaresville was one of the winners of a contest at EGP and chosen to receive publisher support from Sifteo!

secret formula

Wildflower 2013

An open source game development kit for Sifteo Cubes with a custom level editor and a fun example game.


Peong 2013

A two player Sifteo Cubes prototype game inspired by the classic Pong.


Twisteo 2013

A little puzzle game kind of like a Rubik’s cube that runs on Sifteo Cubes.

Even More Games…

Here are some other prototype games I’ve released over the years.


Marble Maniac2016

Procedural generated marble madness style game that looks like a game for the original Nintendo Gameboy. Made in one week for #gbjam


Chop Chop2014

Possibly the most realistic virtual chopstick all you can eat shrimp simulator available! 2 player game made for the Barfcade game jam.


Self Destruction2014

Trapped in a time loop with layered copies of yourself that are trying to kill you. Made for One Game A Month


Pixel Words 2011

Fly through an infinite cascade of fractal crosswords. Avoid fake words while flying through longer words for bonus points.


Slidoku 2010

A cross between sudoku and a Rubiks cube. The goal is to form a valid sudoku puzzle and it is quite challenging to win. Created in only 1 day for the experimental gameplay project.

a stitch in time

A Stitch In Time 2010

You are trapped in a 1 minute time loop. Coordinate with yourself to collect the 30 time shards. Created for the experimental gameplay project.

spaghetti planet

Spaghetti Planet 2009

You are a flying spaghetti monster and must save the planet from the invaders. The only way to refill health and ammo is by touching enemies. Grab them with your noodly appendages!


Time Field 2009

Your ship has the ability to slow down time, butfiring your weapon draws power away the time circuits causing time to speed back up!


Dxetris 2002

While attending RIT I developed this game as my final project for Computer Graphics II. The entire game now fits in a single uncompressed 64 Kilobyte executable file!

breakout ti-82

TI-82 Games 1997

I learned how to program in highschool by making TI-82 games, and wrote a column for TI Graphing Calculator Magazine.

As if that wasn’t enough games…

Here’s a mostly complete list of every game I’ve worked on.