I have been learning JavaScript for a few years and am constantly amazed at it’s ability to create powerful and simple programs. Many of these started as 1k games for js1k, though I have continued to improve some of them.

SPENDOTRON: 2019 – A mostly faithful Robotron homage made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare. The theme was “Your Life is Currency.”

The Digit Dilemma – Enhanced version of my 1k version. With color, touch screen support, and new game mechanics every 10 levels.

ZzFX A zmall open zource zound fx maker for your java zcript gamez, This is both a synth and a seeded sound generator. I released it under the MIT licensee so anyone can use it. I was able to fit both ZzFX and a really cool seed browser with random icons and colors.

Super Aspen – This was my first JavaScript game. I also made the music.

1k Programs

The games in this section are all under 1k and were entered into the JS1k 2019 compo. I love writing games in the 1k format, it really forces you to keep everything super simple. I’d like to write up more about each of them at some point, but until then, here’s a short description and a link to their js1k pages.

Queen’s Gambit – A mashup of Robotron:2018 and chess! I was amazed that this was able to fit in 1k, though I had to use every trick in the book, and invent some new ones.

The Digit Dilemma – A seriously hard puzzle game with randomly generated levels.

ZzFX – A zmall open zource zound fx maker for your java zcript gamez.

One Thousand Free Cells – Freecell solitaire with cool randomly generated card art in 1k.

Infinite Yin Yangs – Based on my Shadertoy shader but minified and wrapped in JavaScript using WebGL.

Tiny Ski – Secret tip, in almost any Frank Engine game, you can type ski into the console and play a game very similar to this. I based the JavaScript version off of that.

Rand Space – An experimental proof of concept to create a small game that uses ZzFX and is under 1k. Both the sounds and graphics are randomized every time you play. This one didn’t get submitted in time, but it’s still under 1k.

Tweet Size Programs

I also make even smaller JavaScript programs, so small they can fit in a 140 character tweet!

You can check out my Dwitter page to see everything I’ve done. I’ll leave you with my top rated Dweet…