Pill Bug

The theme for May’s experimental gameplay project was “high speed”. My idea was to do a modern re-envisioning of sonic the hedgehog. I got started a little late and this entry is still a work in progress. At this point the level design is still not complete and there is no real end to the level. There are a few more object types that will also open up gameplay and add depth (boost pads, loops, scenery, check points).

Download Pill Bug – Latest Version *


  • WASD or D-Pad – Movement
  • Space – Jump (Hold to auto-jump)
  • Left mouse – Rapid fire forward mounted machine with overheating
  • Right mouse – Unlimited slow motion
  • Alt-Enter – Toggle Fullscreen (recommended)

* Updates:
6/1 – I was having some physics jitters (perpetual oscillation) caused a high gravity setting. To fix it I had to implement physics sub stepping.
6/24 – I finally added sound loops to my game engine and make use of them for player movement sound. Still needs level design work but I need to refine the gameplay and add more object types before investing any real time in level design.
7/4 – Joystick Support! Works with any dual stick gamepad like the Xbox 360 or PS3 controller.  If you use a PS3 controller with Motion Joy, set it to 360 controller emulation mode.

The terrain textures are from Spiral Graphics free texture packs
Sound effects were generated with SFXR

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  2. Cody says:

    Hello. I have played this game before and I very much enjoyed it, but when I tried to download it on my laptop, I would open up the .zip and extract the .exe to a folder on my desktop and try to run it and it said d3dx9_36.dll was not found and said I should re-install. But I never actually installed anything. Did I miss something? Thanks in advance!

  3. Frank says:

    You need to update DirectX. This link should take you to Microsoft’s site where you can download the latest version:


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