Sifteo Project for Visual Studio

After playing around with Sifteo development for a while I began to grew weary of switching between notepad++ and the command console.  I wanted to work in a cleaner environment and simplify my iteration loop so I cobbled together a solution for Visual Studio Express.  What I’d like to see eventually is more of a cross platform solution with native Visual Studio debugging.  This is kind of a work around but still one step closer towards that goal.  It’s hooked up Makefile configuration type to launch a bat file which builds the elf and runs the Siftulator.

The best part about this setup is you can use IntelliSense and all the cool features it entails!  Pressing F5 is the easiest way to build and run the project.  It’s set up to only run the Siftulator if the build compiles successfully, otherwise errors are printed to the output window.  There are a few changes you need to make for this to work…

  • Edit SifteoApp\source\build.bat to make SDK_DIR point to your Sifteo SDK
  • Add your Sifteo\include directory to the include directories in the project settings under “VC++ Directories” This is necessary to make intellisense work.
  • Under Tools/Options/Projects and Solutions/General disable “Always show Error List if build finishes with errors” This will leave the output window open so you can see Sifteo compile errors.  For some reason a bunch of bogus intellisense errors show up for me and I haven’t been able to get rid of them yet.


Update 1: I ported it over to work with Visual Studio 2012 and changed it to use a makefile configuration type which is a bit cleaner.  Also the solution still seems to be compatible with 2010 so that’s a nice bonus!

Update 2: There seems to be a problem with the Siftulator not outputting it’s log to Visual Studio’s output window.  I’m not sure why that is but I have a simple fix.  Remove the line that launches the Siftulator from build.bat and change it to exit 0.  Create another file called run.bat that just runs the Siftulator with your elf.  Then in property page for your project under Debugging set the command to be something like “source\run.bat”.  This seems to let the Siftulator open up a separate window for it’s logging.

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  1. Fabzil says:

    Thx you for this, it helped me a lot!
    Maybe you should say that we can’t debug for now with VS ;)

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks so much for this!

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