Infinite Slack Update

I just released a new version of The Infinite Slack Screensaver.  The settings window is now fully operational with controls for zoom speed and a brand new psychedelic mode.

Also I created a permanent link: Share it with your friends!

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4 Responses to Infinite Slack Update

  1. Fucking beautiful, both in concept & in execution…

    I have been trying to come up with a clever yet simple way to illustrate the idea that every dot in the Dobbshead IS a Dobbshead, and you have done it brilliantly!!

    Much Slack be with you, good sir!

  2. John says:

    There’s something about your Upward Spiral
    that I really like.
    -and there’s something about the Dobbshead which startled the heck out of me for a moment!


  3. Ryan Russon says:

    I feared that I had found and lost priceless slack in one tragic moment. Then I found a more recent blog entry with a working download link:

    Bob and his most blessed acolyte Frank be praised!!!

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