“How to Make a Game in 48 Hours” – MAGFest 13 Panel

I hosted a panel about game jams at MAGFest 13and the video just went up today! We had some super talented and experienced panelists and covered a lot of ground. There was a lot of audience interaction and interestwith over a hundredpeople in attendance.We talked about all aspects of the 48 game jam, from sleep schedulesto art styles.

MAGFest was really fun too! I recommend checking it out. I was also on another panel: What’s in a Name: VideoGames as theNext Great Sport,that was very interesting.They put up nearly all the panels and a lot of the music on The MAGFest YouTube Page.

Herearelinks to our panelist’s Ludum Dare pages and dev blogs…

Link to the slides because they are kind of hard to see in the video.

I was also on a panel called “What’s in a Name: Video Games as the Next Great Sport”, check it out!

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