The Fall

I saw the movie “The Fall” last night so I’m gonna write about it, what the heck?

The Fall paints an epic journey in a sense but one composed of very broad strokes.  Essentially it’s a story about two worlds.  In the “real” world there are two people, Roy and Alexandria, stuck in sort of a depressingly realistic situation.  They are both in a hospital, she is a young girl with a broken arm while he is a stuntman who was involved in an on-the-set accident.  They quickly become friends and as the film progresses Roy makes up an imaginatively surreal story world to entertain Alexandria.  There are plenty of interesting connections and parallels to draw between the two worlds and I think that’s part of the compelling nature of the movie.

Lee Pace and Catinca UntaruThe two main characters were very well written and executed but I think the tale that is told was not as interesting as it could have been on both sides of the reality.  I would have liked to see Roy be a great story teller, but he was just a believable story teller.  Like if a normal person tried to make up an epic tale on the spot in real life, that’s about the quality of the story he makes up.  The secondary characters are odd and potentially interesting but never fleshed out to the point of being very compelling.  This is in stark contrast to the two leads who attract a strong emotional bond with the viewer.  There were some some strokes of brilliance but for the most part the plot developed slowly and even superfluously, however it was mostly saved by a surreal visual experience reminiscent of Salvador Dali.  There were also some very cool transitions worth seeing that fit well with the feel of the movie.

Overall I enjoyed this film but I’m a little disapointed that the story itself wasn’t worthy of the amazing visual presentation.

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