Piroot Announcement

Today I am announcing the game that I have been working on, please enjoy this short video that introduces the gameplay…

Unfortunately my version of WordPress chokes on the actual name so here I’ll just have to just call it Piroot. In this game you will experience an epic story that will literally span an entire planet. You will begin with only the ability to roll and end flying around the planet with relative ease. The technology that I have developed allows for an extremely attractive looking and smooth running open world game with no load times. The game includes a fully integrated level editor for people who want to make their own adventures and uses my own open source game engine.

Keep reading for more info and demo download.

This is a passion project that I’ve been wanting to make for a very long time. I recently quit my job as a AAA developer to focus on indie development and this will be my first major effort. I really want to focus on the design, story and feel of the game. I’ve only seen a few games that feature a round 2D planet, and none on the scale that I am going for, so that just seems like a really fun idea to explore.

I’ve been working on this game for about 2 months. A good part of that time was engine stuff, and some new features I needed for this game like the ability to rotate and mirror tiles. I’ve focused on getting the core mechanics and style down. I have a rough plan for the whole game but today I’m releasing a demo of the first 10-20 minutes. For the final game I expect 2-4 hours of gameplay.

Here’s a rough mockup of my current plan for the map. As you can see, it is a circular planet that can be traversed around the outside or on the inside.

Piroot Map Mockup

Now that I’ve announced it, I will be posting it about it more. There’s all kinds of cool stuff I have to share about this project and my game engine. In the meantime, please play the demo and leave your honest feedback.



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2 Responses to Piroot Announcement

  1. James McNeill says:

    Evan told me about this today at lunch; I’ll check it out after work. Looks cool! Does gravity point toward the middle of the disc?

    • Frank says:

      On the outside of the planet gravity points to the center. But it would be way too hard to make the entire interior of the planet like that. So, once you are below the surface of the planet, the gravity changes to be at right angles. I will be playing around with gravity in other ways too though.

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