A Stitch In Time

This game was originally an entry for April’s experimental gameplay project but has had major improvements since then. It’s a hybrid shooter/puzzle game that will auto save your progress and is a fairly quick playthrough.

You are trapped in a 1 minute long time loop and need to collect all the 30 time shards to save the universe. Return to the worm hole to time travel. Coordinate your efforts to beat the puzzles but if you touch any of your time ghosts will cause serious damage. Also destroying a ghost will erase it from existence. I think it is pretty challenging yet winnable if you are crafty enough. You may need to update DirectX in order to play it (if you receive a missing dll message click here).

Download A Stitch In Time (latest version)


  • Left mouse – Rapid fire machine with overheating
  • Right mouse – Chargeable energy blasterblaster
  • Middle mouse or Space – Speed Up Time
  • WASD or D-Pad – Movement
  • Ctrl – Self Destruct
  • Alt-Enter – Toggle Fullscreen (recommended)

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