A few years ago I got really into “size coding”, making programs and games with very small source code. Here you will find links to most of my writings and entries to various size coding competitions.

Dissecting A Dweet

This series of posts is a deep dive into how some of my tiny programs work.

  1. Spiral JavaScript Quine
  2. Spirograph Design Generator
  3. Mini Black Hole
  4. Ring Weave
  5. Strange Attractor
  6. Breaking Broke
  7. Parallax Mountains
  8. Shattered Tunnel
  9. City Sunset

1k Programs

I love writing games in the 1k format, it really forces you to keep everything super simple. Here’s some of the best ones I’ve made so far, most were entered into js1k.

1Keys – A tiny piano with 4 instruments. Winner of JS1024 2020!

Queen’s Gambit – A mashup of Robotron:2018 and chess! I was amazed that this was able to fit in 1k, though I had to use every trick in the book, and invent some new ones. Placed 18th in JS1k 2019.

The Digit Dilemma – A crazy hard original puzzle game with randomly generated levels. Placed 16th in JS1k 2019.

ZzFX 1K – The original ZzFX. A zmall open zource zound fx maker for your java zcript gamez. Placed 25th in JS1k 2019.

MinBytes – A full 8 track bytebeat album with music and visualizer. Also on YouTube.

Free Cell 1k – Freecell solitaire with cool randomly generated card art in 1k. Placed 56th in JS1k 2019.

Tiny Ski – Secret tip, in almost any Frank Engine game, you can type ski into the console and play a game very similar to this. I based the JavaScript version off of that. Placed 31st in JS1k 2019.

2k Programs

Hue Jumper – A 3d racing game in only 2k of JavaScript


My favorite form of tiny coding is writing dweets, 140 character JavaScript programs on a website called Dwitter.

I’ve made so many of these that I needed to create a special tool to make it easier to browse through my catalog! While they are all on Dwitter, I recommend using The Dweetabase to browse my work.

Here’s my most popular dweet running live in an iFrame, you can read about how I made it here!


Tiny Ski – A super small skiing game in C++

Business Card FPS – A small 3d ray casting FPS in C++.