Before I learned how to program I wanted to be an artist. My long career in videogames has allowed me to experiment with many digital art forms and procedural generation. In recent years my focus has turned to generative art. I’ve released thousands of pieces so I will highlight just a few of my favorites here. I’ve also created an interactive gallery you can visit.

Astronomic Comics

A space comic book generator. One of my most popular generative works, it creates a wide variety of interesting space comic book pages using only vanilla JavaScript.

Rad Impressions

This project generates abstract 3D sculptures and renders them in super HD using a custom raymarching system.


An abstract painting generator using a very simple space filling algorithm.

Divide by Circle

My first 3D generative piece on fxhash is an experiment with subdivision, cubes and a circle. This work is rendered in real time and moves slightly while you view it.

Dithered Branches

This piece simulates a lo-fi fantasy printer from the 80s, uses that to print a generative landscape scene, then makes it beautiful by applying color. This was one of my earliest projects released on fxhash.

Auto Park

Generative aerial images of abstract parking lots.

Tree Skyness

Generative tree tops scenes


Tweetable abstract art using emojis. This project was released as a collection of 365Β editions to celebrate the first year of fxhash.

Broken Flows

A deep dive into flow fields, paint brushes, and color palette generators.


A tiny doodler that creates amazingly intricate structures.


A generative arcade game, the seed controls both graphics and sound.

Bad Shapes

A virtual art installation featuring the self titled album by Bad Shapes and generative visual effects set in a realistic 3D scene.

My Art Links

Here are some more links where you can find more of my art…

Twitter – Where I post about everything I release

Fxhash – Some of my recent generative artwork

Dwitter – Experimental JavaScript stuff (art, interactive, code experiments)

Shadertoy – Pixel shaders, generative art and fractals

ZzArt – Generative Art Evolution Tool

Screen Savers – Infinite fractal zoom screensavers for Windows

Sound Cloud – I also make music

More Art

Here is a small selection of some of more stuff…