Tree Skyness – Generative Tree Top Scene

Crown shyness occurs when the tops of fully grown trees avoid touching each other, forming gaps in the canopy. This piece simulates that phenomena and plays with celestial object avoidance. Features include four seasons, time of day, up to 12 trees, and many special options.

Tree Skyness on fxhash

Four Seasons, Day and Night

Keep reading to see some of my favorite mints and the postcards I sent out…

Tree Skyness #88 – A very rare mint with rainbow leaves and double moons
Tree Skyness #111 – There is a small chance of an eclipse scene
Tree Skyness #7 – A rare example with only two trees.
Tree Skyness #71 – Morning scenes have no sun, this one also has meteors.


To celebrate the success of the project and award collectors I sent out 25 postcards to owners around the world. Thank you to everyone who helped support this project!

Tree Skyness Postcards
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