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Cityscape Sunset – Tiny Code Video Lesson

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Dissecting A Dweet #9: City Sunset

Hello, tiny coders, I’m back with another dwitter dissection! Today we will explore the JavaScript code that produces this beautiful procedurally generated cityscape. for(z=k=2e3;k–;x.fillRect(i*9+S(z*t)*z|0,j*9+t*420,t?9:z,9))i=k%9,j=k/9|0,x.fillStyle=R(q=t?i*j%2*400*S(k*k*t):k/3+C(k*k)*39,q-99,t?q-k:99) Continue reading on for a full explanation of how it was made!

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OS13k Submitted to JS13k

Play The Official JS13k Entry OS13k on GitHub Features 3 Games! JS13k Trophy System ZzFXM Music Player ZzFX Sounds Piano & Visualizer Custom User Programs & Dweets More apps and bonus features Results 32 place overall out of 227 entries … Continue reading

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1Keys – How to Make a Piano in only 1kb of JavaScript

The legendary JavaScript competition JS1k was thought to have ended, but it has risen from it’s ashes in the form of JS1024! This competition for making tiny JavaScript programs has been going on for 10 years and will now be … Continue reading

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Major ZzFX Update

New ZzFX Features 19 parameters (over twice as many) 7 Presets for easier sound effect creation Improved web browser compatibility Streamlined user interface and workflow Cleaner and simpler code The fully minified version is under 1 kilobyte. So much more! … Continue reading

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Tiny Coding: Making Big Games With Little Code

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How to make a 3D game in only 2KB of JavaScript

Months ago, when I heard that the legendary JS1k game jam would not be continuing, I talked it over with some other devs and decided to help fill the void we would host a 2k game jam on itch called … Continue reading

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Hue Jumper – A 2 Kilobyte 3D racing game in JavaScript

For 2kPlus jam I made a 3D racing game that fits in 2 kilobyte zip! It includes physics, controls, rendering engine, and procedural level generator. The code is extremely dense and clean as I went through many iterations to fit … Continue reading

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Dissecting A Dweet #8: Shattered Tunnel

Howdy, folks! Today we will be looking at the JavaScript code behind this amazing 3D tunnel effect. This code has an interesting lineage so we’ll also talk about some of the history behind it. for(c.width|=k=i=960;z=–i;x.fillStyle=`hsl(0 99%${i/9}%`)x.fillRect(k-z*C(j=i/k+t/4)+S(m=k*j)*(r=1e5/z),540+C(m)*r-z*S(j),s=3e4/z*S(j*9),s) Continue reading on for … Continue reading

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ZzFX – Zuper Zmall Zeeded Zound Zynth

Major update to ZzFX, my JavaScript sound effect generator! The browser is greatly improved with many more options. You can even download wave files! The micro version is still under 500 bytes. Live Demo: zzfx.3d2k.com GitHub: github.com/KilledByAPixel/ZzFX Here’s the latest … Continue reading

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