Over the years I’ve released a fairly diverse collection of independent games. Please enjoy this collection of some of my favorites…

Space Huggers – A run and gun roguelike platformer with procedural environments that are fully destructible. Originally made for JS13k 2021 and received 8th place overall.

Bounce Back – A retro boomerang roguelite adventure and Zelda homage. JS13k 2019 2nd Place Winner!

Bogus Roads – Lowrez Retrowave Racing. Made for Lowrez jam using three.js for rendering.

Egg Time Rewind – An procedural shooter in the style of an old Nokia phone.

NoteCraft – A Cellular Automata Music System

Spendotron – Arcade shooter where everything has a price.

(R, G, B) – A minimalist adventure game with an interesting lighting effects.

Piroot – A loving tribute to adventure games that literally spans an entire planet.

Marble Maniac – A procedural generated Marble Madness style game made to look like a game for the original Nintendo Game Boy.

Bulkhead – A top down action rogue-like with random destructible maps.

Berry Thorny – Endless runner made in Unreal with procedural level generation.

Monster Mart – Learn how to count money as a cashier in a grocery store for monsters.

Complements – A physics based puzzle game best described as a cross between Puzzle Fighter and Snood with a twist of physics.

Secret Formula – An interesting mixture of platforming, rope swinging, and stealth gameplay. Made by a team of 3 people in only 48 hours. Indie Speed Run 2013 Winner!

Squaresville – A puzzle platformer game for Sifteo cubes that also runs on PC in emulator.

Go Bonsai – Realistic interactive 3D bonsai tree simulation that grows in real time. Interact with a living tree as it grows by trimming to guide it’s growth.

As if that wasn’t enough games…

Here’s a mostly complete list of every game I’ve worked on!