Complements is a physics puzzle game for 1 or 2 players, perhaps best described as a cross between Puzzle Fighter and Snood with a twist of physics. It is also the first PC game I ever released, back in 2005, and have been continuing to make improvements over the years. I made this game before Box2d existed so I wrote the physics solver myself from scratch. This game may be nearly 10 years old but I have continued to maintain it so it looks and plays awesome on pretty much any PC.


  • Unique physics based gameplay
  • Teaches players with built in tutorial
  • Single player and two player versus modes
  • Smooth clean graphics and effects
  • Integrated with Microsoft Windows
  • Game and data all packed into single exe file
  • Dual joystick, mouse, and keyboard support

Downloading and Installing

To install Complements, simply run the self installing setup program.

  • Complements – Download the latest version here. (Requires DirectX 9)
  • Complements 256K – For fun I created a special version that fits everything (images, sound, code) in a single uncompressed 256 Kilobyte file.


complements1 complements2


  • Build chains by attaching gems of the same color together. Then attach a special clear gem that will absorb the color and become active. An active clear gem is ready to set off a break when a gem of the complementary color touches it.
  • Black and white gems have special functions. Black joins to any one gem but it can block you off if you’re not careful. White breaks any gems it touches but is much more rare.
  • There is also a shake meter that fills whenever a break occurs. Pressing the shake button (right click) will cause the screen to shake a bit.
  • Complements currently only has two basic modes: time attack mode and versus. In time attack mode your goal is to clear the screen of pieces as quickly as possible. In versus mode your goal is to fill your opponents screen by sending over attacks. Bonus damage is awarded for longer chains and combos.
  • For more advanced gameplay tricks check out the video demonstration or tutorial.

Installation Help



Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.  Copyright 2005 Francis Lawrence Force

2 Responses to Complements

  1. casualgamer says:

    Good game, but at me chains of spheres of one colour are dumped

  2. iforce2d says:

    wow… that looks great! My first impression was that it’s just an upside-down ‘puzzle bobble’, but with the swiveling joints and gravity playing a part, there’s more variation.

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