Hi, I’m Frank Force. I have worked in the games industry for over 20 years to help create many successful games and a few very unsuccessful ones. Over the years I also released some small games and tools to practice my craft and share ideas. Here’s a full list of nearly everything I’ve released for those keeping track.

I am also known for winning optical illusion of the year by creating The Dual Axis Illusion. As a hobby I have enjoyed writing over 1000 super tiny programs that do all sorts of cool stuff.

My company, Frank Force Games in located in Austin Texas. We specialize in entertainment software development including games, art, tools, promotional software, and educational resources. Our list of clients include fxHash, Warp Records, Sifteo, GitHub, and GitNaton.

Developer Credits

  • “Vicious Circle” 2019 – PC
  • “DOOM” 2016 – PC, PS4, and XB1
  • “Mafia III” 2016 – PC, PS4, and XB1
  • “Wildflower” 2013 – PC
  • “Starhawk” 2012 – PS4
  • “Red Faction: Guerrilla” 2009 – PC, PS3, and Xbox 360
  • “Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy” 2004 – PC, PS2 and Xbox
  • “Outlaw Golf” 2002 – PC, Xbox and Gamecube
  • “Outlaw Volleyball” 2003 – PS2 and Xbox
  • “Deer Avenger 4: The Rednecks Strike Back” 2001 – PC

You can contact me if you have any feedback or suggestions.