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FxVase – Interactive Pottery Simulation

Sculpt, glaze, and fire your own virtual pottery, then mint it on the blockchain to share with the world! This interactive tool allows for a wide range of expressive sculptures to be rendered in real time and saved in HD. … Continue reading

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“Bulkhead” – Top Down Action Roguelike

Bulkhead is a top down action rogue-like, that I’ve been working on for a few months. I’ve been keeping it under wraps but now it’s time to share what I have so far and get feedback from players. The core … Continue reading

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Lightbox Interactive, the game studio I work for, just officially announced the game we’ve been developing is Starhawk, a PS3 exclusive! It’s a 3rd person shooter with fast gameplay and lots of vehicle combat. What really sets it apart is … Continue reading

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Pixel Words Game

For Feburary’s experimental gameplay project the theme was ASCII. I thought it would be cool to reuse some of the tech from my Pixel Words Screensaver and turn it into a word game. This game was also released as part … Continue reading

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Go Bonsai Announced

I have just released the first demo of Go Bonsai! This interactive bonsai tree software allows players grow a virtual bonsai tree on their computer and shape it with the same techniques used by the bonsai masters. Check out the … Continue reading

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