Pixel Words Game

For Feburary’s experimental gameplay project the theme was ASCII. I thought it would be cool to reuse some of the tech from my Pixel Words Screensaver and turn it into a word game. This game was also released as part of The Pirate Bay Bundle.


  • Pixel Words – Download the latest version here. (Requires Windows and DirectX 9)

How to play

Use the left mouse button to move the view and fly through words. All words are checked against an official Scrabble dictionary and definitions are shown for correct words. Points are awarded equal to the the number of letters in each word and scoring 2 valid words yields double points. Zoom speed increases at each level. Score is shown in the upper left and a high score is in the upper right corner and automatically saved. The game ends whenever an invalid word is zoomed into.

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5 Responses to Pixel Words Game

  1. This is an awesome concept Frank, kudos!

  2. vazor says:

    Nice! Fun concept and use of the theme.

  3. zaratustra says:

    it said DEVELOP was not a word for some reason.

    Otherwise, would like to see this on iPad.

    • Frank says:

      That’s weird, I checked and that is definitely in the dictionary it uses, could have been a bug maybe.

  4. clau says:

    Hi! Thanks the you info! :)

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