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NoteCraft Submitted to JS13k

Play The Official JS13k Entry NoteCraft on GitHub Features Export to ZzFXM and OS13k Share compressed links Several example songs Instruments are customizable Undo and Redo Cut, copy, and paste Turing complete!

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OS13k Submitted to JS13k

Play The Official JS13k Entry OS13k on GitHub Features 3 Games! JS13k Trophy System ZzFXM Music Player ZzFX Sounds Piano & Visualizer Custom User Programs & Dweets More apps and bonus features

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1Keys – How I Made a Piano in only 1kb of JavaScript

The legendary JavaScript competition JS1k was thought to have ended, but it has risen from it’s ashes in the form of JS1024! This competition for making tiny JavaScript programs has been going on for 10 years and will now be … Continue reading

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Bogus Roads: LowRez Game Jam

My 64×64 pixel game for LowRezJam is out, go play it now! This game is a complete experience with everything from a main menu to a win screen and tons of polish. The gameplay is simple but I invested a … Continue reading

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