Bogus Roads: LowRez Game Jam

My 64×64 pixel game for LowRezJam is out, go play it now!

This game is a complete experience with everything from a main menu to a win screen and tons of polish. The gameplay is simple but I invested a lot of time tweaking it to feel awesome. I also recorded 6 news songs for the sound track!

The entire game was made in about week for lowrez jam 2019. I loved working in the 64×64 pixel resolution, it was a fun challenge. For development I used JavaScript, Three.js and Brackets as an editor. I recorded the music using Figure by Propellerhead.

You can play it in just about any web browser, and it supports mouse or gamepad. Have fun!

Update: The judging results are in! My game got 2nd place for gameplay and 8th place overall. I also scored 8th place in audio and 18th place in graphics.

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