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City In A Bottle – A 256 Byte Raycasting System

Hello size coding fans. Today, I have something amazing to share: A tiny raycasting engine and city generator that fits in a standalone 256 byte html file. In this post I will share all the secrets about how this magical … Continue reading

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JavaScript Haikus: My Adventures in Tiny Code

My talk for the 2023 JS GameDev Summit goes on a 20 minute deep dive into my strange practice of making art with super small computer programs. I hope you enjoy.

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Dithered Branches – How My Generative Art Works

This post explains how I made Dithered Branches, a generative art piece that prints a lo-fi sci-fi landscape and applies color to the result. Continue reading

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Broken Flows – Generative Art

Broken Flows is my deep dive into flow fields and even more so paint brushes and color palette generators. This post explains the concept and how it works. Continue reading

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Cityscape Sunset – Tiny Code Video Lesson

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Dissecting A Dweet #9: City Sunset

Hello, tiny coders, I’m back with another dwitter dissection! Today we will explore the JavaScript code that produces this beautiful procedurally generated cityscape. for(z=k=2e3;k–;x.fillRect(i*9+S(z*t)*z|0,j*9+t*420,t?9:z,9))i=k%9,j=k/9|0,x.fillStyle=R(q=t?i*j%2*400*S(k*k*t):k/3+C(k*k)*39,q-99,t?q-k:99) Continue reading on for a full explanation of how it was made!

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OS13k Submitted to JS13k

Play The Official JS13k Entry OS13k on GitHub Features 3 Games! JS13k Trophy System ZzFXM Music Player ZzFX Sounds Piano & Visualizer Custom User Programs & Dweets More apps and bonus features Results 32 place overall out of 227 entries … Continue reading

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Tiny Coding: Making Big Games With Little Code

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Dissecting A Dweet #8: Shattered Tunnel

Howdy, folks! Today we will be looking at the JavaScript code behind this amazing 3D tunnel effect. This code has an interesting lineage so we’ll also talk about some of the history behind it. for(c.width|=k=i=960;z=–i;x.fillStyle=`hsl(0 99%${i/9}%`)x.fillRect(k-z*C(j=i/k+t/4)+S(m=k*j)*(r=1e5/z),540+C(m)*r-z*S(j),s=3e4/z*S(j*9),s) Continue reading on for … Continue reading

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Dissecting A Dweet #7: Parallax Mountains

Today we will dissect the tiny JavaScript code that draws a parallax background with mountains and sky. This simple code can be used as a base to create different types of background scenes for your game or website. for(w=i=99;i–;)for(j=0;j<9;x.fillRect(i*20,j++?w*j+w+w*C(q/9)/j+59*C(q/3.9)/j:0,20,3e3))q=(j*w+i+t*j**3),x.fillStyle=R(9+j*40%w,j*20,w-j*9) Continue … Continue reading

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