Squaresville: An Adventure of Many Screens

Squaresville is an open world puzzle platformer designed to harness the magic of Sifteo Cubes. Tilt, touch, and neighbor cubes to journey through a bizarre world with a very literal twist: players can actually rotate cubes to pass through them in multiple ways! This powerful mechanic is tempered by crafty level design to create a web of non-linear spacial puzzles. Players will need all of their platforming and puzzle solving skills to save the world in Squaresville, the tiny epic adventure game.

More Information

Squaresville was originally created for a contest at The Experimental Gameplay Project. My concept was to create an action adventure game designed to fit Sifteo cubes like a glove. It was a major challenge both optimizing it to run smoothly and also make the design fun to play under extreme limitations. I ended up winning the contest and being offered a publishing deal with Sifteo to make the full game! I am currently working on it full time and plan to release before the end of the year.

The music was created by Rene Wiersma specifically for this demo.  Sifteo Cubes can’t play normal MP3s so the music must be basically programmed in a special format called xm.  Not only does it sound great and just the right atmosphere but it’s only 5 channels and 134K! He also recently wrote an extremely informative article about how to create xm music.


  • Squaresville Demo – Download the latest demo here, everything is included for Windows or Sifteo play.

How to Play

  • Playing with actual cubes is pretty intuitive but using the emulator can be a bit tricky!
  • The emulator controls use only the mouse.
  • Use left mouse to grab a cube and move it or rotate it by grabbing it from a corner.
  • Use right mouse to tilt cubes to move and jump.
  • Use left+right mouse to pick cubes up off the table.
  • Use middle mouse or ctrl+click to touch cubes. You must do this to start the game!
  • You can also use mouse wheel to zoom.
  • I created a video to help explain how to use the emulator to control my game….



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