“(R,G,B)” – Ludum Dare 26

“(R,G,B)” is a minimalist adventure game I made for Ludum Dare 26. The theme was “Minimalism”. My goal was to experiment with pure color values and explore the flat 2D space while keeping the game itself very simple. I also created the music within the contest time limit. It scored 42 overall out of 1610 entries and also received 10th in the graphics category! While not my highest overall it is my first time breaking the top 10 in any category so that’s pretty cool.

The gameplay is physics based, the only buttons are left, right and jump. It also supports keyboard or gamepad. There are no upgrades, weapons, powerups or anything to collect, though there is a potato at the end.

I spent a lot of time getting the visual look right. Invested a large portion of time on the rain effects which are simulated 2d water droplets with lightning, thunder, and splash effects. It was raining really hard here on Saturday night and I felt inspired. I made doors that open in a cool way to help show off how the light is passing through them. All the rendering uses a technique where the final light mask is rendered fully rather then modulated in like it normally would be. There is also a vision pass which prevents you from seeing through walls.

For those of you with a slower computer, there is an autoexec.cfg file in the same folder as the exe. You can open that up and uncomment the lines under “low graphics settings” or for extremely slow pcs you can disable lights entirely.

I created the music during the comp using Figure by Propellerhead on my iPad and recorded a live performance in Audacity. I used BFXR for sound effects.




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3 Responses to “(R,G,B)” – Ludum Dare 26

  1. Dantik says:

    Cool game!

  2. jey says:

    Un jeu ind trs sympa!
    Continue comme a! ;)

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