U1KE – A 1 Kilobyte Ukulele

My js1024 entry this year is a ukulele! This is a fully function and realistic simulation of a four string instrument with standard uke tuning. Each string can be fretted individually using the keyboard to produce every open cord and play most songs. The mouse is used to strum and can control volume by speed of motion.


  • Graphic ukulele representation with neck, strings, frets and sound hole
  • Strings vibrate and change color when plucked
  • Realistic simulation of string audio mechanics
  • Full use control of first 4 frets to form any open chord
  • Mouse controls volume and can pluck strings individually

How to Play

Hold keys to fret notes, use mouse to strum. The keys 1-4, Q-R, A-F, and Z-V control each string and fret arranged in the same way as a real instrument. With this system you can play any open chord by holding a combination of keys. For example to form a C chord you hold the F key which is the 3rd fret on the 4th string. Other chords are more complex but require no more then 4 keys to be held simultaneously.

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