Chaosplot – Generates Plots of Order vs Chaos

My first plottable generative art work is now available on fxhash. It is based on the same algorithm used by “Chaospill” that I released a few months ago. Since I purchased a pen plotter, I have been working on converting the algorithm for plotting.

My goal was to produce a result that plots fast and efficiently while demonstrating the complexity of the algorithm and the many possible variations. I have been playing with this algorithm all year and this captures the most interesting results I saw. The JavaScript code is now open source on GitHub for others to learn from, including my tiny SVG library.

Chaosplot on fxhash

Chaosplot Source on GitHub

While working on this piece I asked Dan Catt, one of the best plotters I know, to help by testing a plot with his setup. The result is beyond amazing and he was kind enough to produce this short video about the process…

Chaosplot Test – Plotted by Dan Catt
Chaosplot 1-100 on fxhash

More Results

Here are a few more of my favorite results…

Plotted by MV @mountvitruvius
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