ROIL – Generative Abstract Paintings

My latest release on fxhash uses a new space filling algorithm I have been developing. It can produce a large range of outputs with interesting painterly textures and complex details. I was inspired by abstract expressionists and physical phenomena. This work draws in an interesting way, by interfering with itself to create the composition. There were only 222 editions available and fully minted on fxhash. Thank you to everyone that got one! You can see all the results on fxhash…

ROIL on fxhash

This is my first release on fxhash using custom palettes, there are 20 possible in total, most are inspired by natural phenomena.

Here are a few of my favorite results from the 222 edition set on fxhash…

ROIL #87 – Shorelines palette
ROIL #93 – Lunar Palette
ROIL #149 – Canyon Palette
ROIL #79 – Oceanic Palette
ROIL #25 – Gray Palette
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