Protractor is a katamari shmup that I originally made for Ludum Dare 18.  The theme was “enemies as weapons”. It placed 37th overall out of 213 entries and 12th for graphics.


  • Protractor – Download the latest version here. (Requires Windows and DirectX!)
  • Source Code Viewer – For those interested this game is open source
  • Judging Results – Reviews and final scores for my Ludum Dare entry


  • Kill enemies and collect their parts to build.
  • Use left mouse to pull parts to you to attach them.
  • Colors indicate health level.  Purple is super high health, red is about to die.
  • Weapons are randomized but also normalized to all have the same DPS.  So on average they will cause the same amount of damage over time. Larger bullets represent more damage.
  • Try to keep your ship balanced or it will become difficult to control.
  • Triangle – Weapon (random but normalized to the same DPS)
  • Square – Healer (auto repairs ship and attached parts)
  • Pentagon – Speed Booster (increases speed and turn rate)
  • Circle – Extender (allows for expansion)


  • Left Mouse – Tractor beam
  • Spacebar or Right Mouse – Shoot
  • Mouse Wheel – Zoom
  • WASD – Move your ship
  • Alt+Enter – Go fullscreen (recommended)


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