Secret Formula

Secret Formula is the winner of Indie Speed Run 2013!

Secret Formula was created by the team IDK composed of Saam Pahlavan, Jerry Uan, and myself. We created the game in 48 hours based on the theme “Secret” and the element “Vines”. The gameplay is a mixture of rope swinging action and stealth mechanics.

“A very tight little game combining fun easy to learn hard to master mechanics with an elegant virtually dialogue free short story with an intriguing turn at the end.”

– Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, Video Game Journalist

“This game was incredibly charming, engaging and fun. I loved the retro 16-bit graphics in the main character and environment and the story telling that was accomplished with different set pieces. The gameplay was great, and though difficult to master at first was intuitive and engaging and kept me wanting to play more after the game was finished.”

– Kim Swift, Portal Team Lead





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