I just finished up my contribution to this month’s experimental gameplay project. The theme was “numbers”.

My entry is a puzzle called Slidoku. It’s sort of a cross between sudoku and a Rubik’s cube. The goal is to form a valid sudoku puzzle and it is quite challenging to win. I worked on it for about a day and I think it turned out pretty slick. You may need to update DirectX in order to play it (if you receive a missing dll message click here).

Download Slidoku

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7 Responses to Slidoku

  1. Treeman says:

    Wow this is a really good idea! And it’s really hard too… Good job!

  2. Treeman says:

    Yay I managed to do it ^^. It’s very similar to the sudoku rubik’s cube and I enjoyed this just as much.

  3. Steve Black says:

    I sat down and tried to beat it for half hour. I’m going to give it one more try before I give up.

  4. Steve Black says:

    Alright, I tried again. I can’t beat it. I think you need a strategy to win. You can’t beat it without a system of moves.

  5. Treeman says:

    A tip: begin with the lower row and complete that, then the next and so on. But make sure the columns beneath the row are good to go too, and of course the 3×3 squares. This works up until the very last row where you’ll need to switch them very carefully.

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  7. vazor says:

    That was fun! Excellent idea and smooth implementation. Nice work getting it done in one day too. Treeman’s advice was really helpful. :)

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