Slidoku was my contribution to this October 2009’s experimental gameplay project. The theme was “numbers”.

It’s sort of a cross between sudoku and a Rubik’s cube. The goal is to form a valid sudoku puzzle and it is quite challenging to win. I worked on it for about a day and I think it turned out pretty slick. You may need to update DirectX in order to play it (if you receive a missing dll message click here).


When this game was released I had a little contest for the first 9 people to complete the puzzle. Thanks to everyone who played!

Congratulations to the first 9 official winners:

1. Treeman
2. Virtual256
3. Lukky513
4. Nogard
5. Stakhanov
6. Tom Lenz
7. Frantiek Veverka
8. Gerrit Ansmann
9. Vazor

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