Time Field

Time Field was my entry for the 13th rapid prototyping session at shmup-dev. The theme was “time”. This game was completed in under 2 days using my own C++ 2d game engine. Thanks to Box2d for physics, SFXR for sound affects, and my bro Ben for making the wall texture.

Your ship has the innate ability to slow down time to crawl, the only catch is that firing your weapon draws power away the time circuits thus causing time to speed back up. In addition to the many fast enemies there are also time fields (large orange circles) floating around. You can only pass through these unscathed when time is at normal speed, if time is slow it will push you away causing major damage. Score is displayed at the bottom of the screen and your high score will show up in red during start up



  • WASD or D-Pad – Movement
  • Left mouse – Shoot
  • Alt-Enter – Toggle Fullscreen (recommended)
  • Space – Pause

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