Bitwise ๐Ÿ“ผ Liminal – A Short Film in 256 Bytes

I found an old VHS tape at a yard sale. It was labeled “Bitwise Liminal” in sharpie. But when I watched the video it was only static.

Then I started having vivid and surreal dreams. While awake I couldn’t stop thinking about that weird VHS tape.

After researching I learned it was a digital backup. Using some special software I recovered the data. To my shock, it was a 256 byte program…

With trembling hands I opened it in a web browser. Strange. This reminds me of the dreams I’ve been having.

Now I don’t need to sleep anymore. I just keep watching.

<canvas id=c><svg onload=setInterval("for(t+=.1,R=T=C=Math.cos,c.width=w=128,i=9986,V=t/9&3;Y=i--/w;c.getContext`2d`.fillRect(X,Y,(C(t/6)*T^V*i/1e4*T+t)%20?(R=T++,1):(T=9,19/R),5/Z))for(Z=5,X=i%w+4/R;0<(V*95+C(t/3)+Z*X/64-Z^Z|(60-Y)*Z/58)%13;Z+=.2);",t=9)>
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