Dark World – Ludum Dare 25

“Dark World” is a platformer/shooter game I made for Ludum Dare 25. The theme was “You are the villain”.  It scored 158 overall out of 1327 entries and also received 38th in the mood category.

My idea was to put a spin on platforming gameplay and tell it from the enemy’s point of view. What it finally ended up as is a crude alternate universe version of Super Mario Bros where the player is almost forced into being the villain. My goal is to help people think about things from another person’s perspective. For the visuals I experimented with mixing normal mapping and dynamic shadows with quickly made pixel art.


Use WASD to control your character. Mouse aims the light. After you get the hat you can shoot by pressing left mouse. You can toggle fullscreen with alt-enter. XBox 360 controllers and snes style gamepads are also supported.


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