STRANDED – 8×8 Generative Art Using One Line

I’ve recently gotten interested in the super tiny NFT platform 8bidou where artists share their 8×8 pixel art creations. I spent a while coming up with a special new generative algorithm that would make sense within this space.

The concept using a single line that wraps around randomly to fill up the 8×8 space, a bit like the Tron light cycle game. The algorithm was surprisingly tricky to implement but the incredible results were worth the trouble. You can view them on my 8bidou page.

In total I released 38 8bidou pieces generated with this system. After starting with a 4 piece set to test the waters, I asked my followers on Twitter what they were interested in. It seemed the top choice was 1/1s, so I thought it would be fun to give them a chance to pick their favorites from a large set of results. There was a huge response but I managed to include all 26 that were picked and added 6 of my own to round it out to 32 1/1s. To bookend the set I released 2 final pieces that represent degenerate forms of the algorithm.

My Twitter followers were asked to pick their favorites to be minted

It was kind of a crazy idea and took a while to mint all 32 of those single editions but we also had a lot of fun. I plan to try more ideas on 8bidou and also experiment with developing this algorithm into a larger generative work. Here’s my first twitter post about it where I has just gotten it working. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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