Egg Time Rewind – An egg cracking low res shooter

Time REWINDS you die… but your PREVIOUS LIVES remain.

This game was made in 4 days for Nokia 3310 Jam 2 with the limitation of 84×48 resolution and only 2 colors. The them was “Death is Good”. It is written in JavaScript building off the code used by my js13k game Bounce Back.

I used the theme by having ghosts of your previous lives return to help you after each death. There is also a juggling mechanic like the Twin Bee / Stinger series of games where you can juggle an egg for massive bonus points. The level is procedurally generated every time you start a new game and gets progressively more difficult over time.

The game can be played with keyboard, mouse, or gamepad in several different configurations. There are 2 ways to shoot, hold fire for fully auto, or wait to charge up a powerful blast.

Player’s high score is tracked to add some replay value, though it is a pretty simple game. The font and font rendering system is the same one I made for Bogus Roads. The sound effects use ZzFX, my tiny JavaScript sound generator.

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