“Self Destruction” – One Game A Month Prototype

“Self Destruction” is a game about being trapped  in a time travel loop and needing to kill all previous versions of yourself to progress. Each wave you’re actions from all previous waves are layered on top of each other but instead of helping you, they are the enemies that you need to kill. This prototype was made in about 2 days.

logoI made this game for One Game a Month January, the theme was Respawn which loosely fits my idea because there is so much re-spawning involved. For this prototype I tried to keep it as simple as possible and focus on the fundamentals. It turned out to be a cool little experiment. The gameplay does concern me though, because it is so weird. I tried to add some balance factors like subtracting off a point each second to encourage faster play. I like how being able to destroy other bullets encourages the player to shoot more, which further dooms them. There are some more ideas I have yet to try, but this is a interesting proof of concept to build on.


 Self Destruction -Windows Version


  • WASD – Movement
  • Mouse – Aim & Shoot
  • You can also use an xbox 360 controller

Gameplay Help

  • Every 10 kills a power-up is dropped, alternating between speed and extra life
  • Your score goes down 1 point every second so don’t waste time
  • Try to shoot and move as little as possible
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