Spaghetti Planet

I made this game for the most recent rapid prototyping session at shmup-dev.  The theme was “tentacles”.  I used a multi-purpose 2d game engine I have been writing in C++ with Box2d for physics.

You are a flying spaghetti monster and must save the planet from the invaders.  The only way to refill health and ammo is by touching enemies.  Enemies can’t hurt you when you are touching them but instead give health and ammo, and the more enemies you are touching the faster it refills.  The best way to do this is to wrap them up in your noodles and carry them around with you.  A good way to do this is to reach out and quickly circle one noodle around an enemy then press right mouse to switch to another noodle.  It is very important to switch noodles so the enemies wont come unwrapped.  With a little practice you can layer them up like lasagna.  Only the yellow balls and green blocks will attack the buildings (the flying red ones only go after you).  Act fast to save the buildings before they are destroyed or you will die.



  • WASD or D-Pad – Movement
  • Left mouse – Shoot
  • Right mouse – Switch to another tentacle (or hold it down to wave all your tentacles)
  • Left+Right mouse – Spread fire
  • Alt-Enter – Toggle Fullscreen (recommended)
  • Space – Pause
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