ZzFX – Zuper Zmall Zeeded Zound Zynth

Major update to ZzFX, my JavaScript sound effect generator! The browser is greatly improved with many more options. You can even download wave files! The micro version is still under 500 bytes.

Live Demo: zzfx.3d2k.com


Here’s the latest version of the ZzFXmicro JavaScript code…

// ZzFXmicro - Zuper Zmall Zound Zynth - MIT License - Copyright 2019 Frank Force
zzfx_v=.5;zzfx_x=new AudioContext;zzfx=(g,h,a,b=1,c=.1,k=0,f=0,l=0,m=0)=>{let q=44100,Q=Q=>Q*(Math.random()*2-1),d=2*Math.PI;a=d/q*a*(1+Q(h));k*=500*d/q**2;b=q*b|0;c=c*b|0;l=d/q*l;m=d/2*m;h=[];for(let n=d=0,e=0;e<b;++e)h[e]=g*zzfx_v*Math.cos(d*a*Math.cos(n*l+m))*(e<c?e/c:1-(e-c)/(b-c)),d+=1+Q(f),n+=1+Q(f),a+=k;g=zzfx_x.createBuffer(1,b,q);a=zzfx_x.createBufferSource();g.getChannelData(0).set(h);a.buffer=g;a.connect(zzfx_x.destination);a.start()}

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1 Response to ZzFX – Zuper Zmall Zeeded Zound Zynth

  1. Amul Patel says:

    this is so dope!!

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