Batafuraiko – Winner of JS1024 2021

Itโ€™s official, “Batafuraiko” is the winner of JS1024! This is one of my favorite game jams because the main restriction is the program must be under 1 kilobyte. I had a blast with my entry and learned a few things working with the other participants on Discord. Thank you to the organizer and other participants. In addition to the winner I summitted 2 other programs: “Digilemma” (a self generating puzzle game that received 3rd place) and “Lightning Storm” (a storm sim with sound and visuals).

The official 1k version of my game along with all the other entries are available to play on the JS1024 website. I also made a codepen version of my game embedded below so you can jump right in and even take a look at the code!

See the Pen Batafuraiko ๐Ÿฆ‹ Winner of JS1024 2021! by Frank Force (@KilledByAPixel) on CodePen.

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