Space Huggers: A run and gun roguelike for JS13K

๐Ÿš€ Play Space Huggers in your browser!

The souce code is also available on GitHub!

How To Play

  • Use WASD or D-Pad – Move, jump, and climb
  • Z or Left click – Shoot – Most things will break, some will burn
  • X or Middle click – Roll – brief invulnerability, does damage, gives a boost, puts out fire
  • C or Right click – Grenade – 3 per life, use wisely
  • You can also use a Xbox or SNES style controller, connect up to 4 for co-op play!
  • Kill all enemies to complete the level
  • A radar along the bottom of the screen shows nearby enemies
  • You start with 10 lives and get 3 more for completing each level
  • For an optimal play experience please use Chrome in full screen mode
  • There is no end, but for a challenge, try beating the first 5 levels

Gameplay Tips

  • Roll to put out fire!
  • Rolling also does melee damage to enemies
  • Keep your distance from the specialists (white), they roll and flip often!
  • You can hold down jump to climb up walls
  • Jump flip to get more vertical height (roll immediately after jumping)
  • To reach really high places try a grenade jump!
  • You can press R to restart the game

Game Features

  • Run and gun / roguelike hybrid gameplay
  • 2-4 player jump in local co-op mode
  • Procedural level generation of great variety and complexity
  • Levels are fully destructible with persistence
  • Fire propagation and explosion system
  • 5 enemy types with a larger variant
  • 7 different crate/barrel/rock types
  • 17 sprite textures using a 12 color palette
  • Checkpoints can be captured for players to respawn there
  • Multi layer procedurally generated parallax background
  • Starfield simulation with moving stars, planets, and suns
  • Particle systems for rain, snow, blood, explosions, weapons, water and more
  • Native resolution rendering up to 1920×1200
  • 11 different sound effects with ZzFX
  • Up to 4 player co-op with 4 gamepads!

Engine Features

  • Custom game engine written during the compo is separate from game code
  • Super fast rendering system for up to 50,000 objects at 60 fps
  • Physics engine for axis aligned bounding box rigid body dynamics
  • Tile based rendering and collision system
  • Particle effects system
  • Input processing system for keyboard, mouse, gamepads, and touch
  • Math library with Vector2, Color and Timer utility classes
  • Audio with ZzFX has ability to attenuate sounds by distance
  • Debug visualization system not in JS13K build. (press ~ to enter debug mode)

Enemy Types

  • New Recruit (Green) – A bit shorter, more hesitant, takes only 1 hit
  • Soldier (Blue) – Average height and ability, takes 2 hits
  • Captain (Red) – Can climb walls and jumps more often, takes 3 hits
  • Specialist (White) – Jumps and rolls often, they are ninjas, takes 4 hits
  • Demolitions Expert (Purple) – Throws grenades and can’t catch fire, takes 5 hits
  • Small chance of a heavy weapons variation that has double health and fires full auto


  • Plastic Crate (Brown) – Burns easily and breaks when fully burnt
  • Metal Crate & Barrel (Gray) – Is hard to destroy, can’t burn
  • Water Barrel (Blue) – Puts out fires and pushes away objects
  • Explosive Crate & Barrel (Green) – Burns and explodes after a few seconds
  • High Explosive Barrel (Red) – Explodes quickly and much larger than normal explosives
  • Rock (Color Varies) – Heavy and very hard to destroy, can’t burn, can crush enemies
  • Lava Rock (Glowing Red & Orange) – Anything that touches it is lit on fire

Tools Used

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