Frank Engine is Open Source

I have decided to open source my game engine now called “The Frank Engine”. This is the first time I’ve ever released any of my code under an open source license and it feels awesome to finally share what I have made with the community. My code is licensed under the MIT license and all other code also uses a permissive license so it can be used freely even in commercial products.

Everything necessary to create a fully featured game is included: physics (box2d), rendering (directx), level editor, particle system, sound, music (ogg vorbis), joystick input, GUI, and debug console. The code is fairly well documented and includes a simple demo game plus a clean slate to build on. The project is all set up on SourceForge. You can sync to the SVN repository or download a package of the current release. In order to use Frank Engine there are only a few requirements that can be downloaded for free: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express and the latest DirectX SDK.

There will be many improvements and changes coming soon. If anyone is interested in working on the source or using it to develop a game, contact me I’d be happy to help get you started. For some examples that I’ve created with this engine check out A Stitch In Time or Pill Bug.

Here’s the current feature list:

  • Focus on simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use
  • C++ using object oriented architecture
  • Very large streamable worlds
  • Integrated level editor
  • 2d sprites, terrain and particle system
  • Sub frame interpolation using fixed time step
  • Integrated physics with Box2d
  • Stereo sound effects with Direct Sound
  • Music with Ogg Vorbis
  • Keyboard, mouse, joystick, and Xbox 360 or PS3 controller input
  • Integrated with The DirectX Utility Library (GUI, sound, etc)
  • All assets can be compiled into the exe (besides music)
  • In game debug console
  • Dev environment is Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition
  • Graphics SDK is Microsoft DirectX 9
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  1. Frank Force says:

    Why dident you call it “The Force Engine”?

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