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Dissecting A Dweet #1: Spiral JavaScript Quine

This is the first in a series of posts where I will analyze a dweet’s code, explain how it works, and why it was done that way. A dweet is a 140 character JavaScript program published on Dwitter. The goal … Continue reading

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MinBytes – A Minimal Bytebeat Album in 1024 Bytes

This is a full album with 9 tracks and visualizer in 1k of JavaScript! Each song is created by a tiny function. For example, the first song on the album uses the simple function (t&t>>8). It is amazing the complexity … Continue reading

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Pixel Fractal Shadertoy

I’ve been working on some recursive shaders with Shadertoy… See more on my Shadertoy profile page.

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Pixel Words Game

For Feburary’s experimental gameplay project the theme was ASCII. I thought it would be cool to reuse some of the tech from my Pixel Words Screensaver and turn it into a word game. This game was also released as part … Continue reading

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Protractor – Postmortem

Last weekend I participated in Ludum Dare 18 and worked intensely for 48 hours to create an interesting little game called Protractor, here’s a link to my competition entry.  Leading up to the comp I played some winners of the … Continue reading

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Pixel Fractal Wallpaper

I whipped up a few high resolution wallpapers based on the pixel recursion effect…    

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Go Bonsai Announced

I have just released the first demo of Go Bonsai! This interactive bonsai tree software allows players grow a virtual bonsai tree on their computer and shape it with the same techniques used by the bonsai masters. Check out the … Continue reading

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Infinite Words Demo

UPDATE: This project has been renamed Pixel Words and moved to a new page after receiving a major update! Screenshot More Information “Infinite Words” is an infinitely recursive crossword puzzle, a word fractal or “wactal”. Computers permeate modern society and … Continue reading

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