Chaosplot – Generates Plots of Order vs Chaos

My first plottable generative art work is now available on fxhash. It is based on the same algorithm used by “Chaospill” that I released a few months ago. Since I purchased a pen plotter, I have been working on converting the algorithm for plotting.

My goal was to produce a result that plots fast and efficiently while demonstrating the complexity of the algorithm and the many possible variations. I have been playing with this algorithm all year and this captures the most interesting results I saw. The JavaScript code is now open source on GitHub for others to learn from, including my tiny SVG library.

Chaosplot on fxhash

Chaosplot Source on GitHub

While working on this piece I asked Dan Catt, one of the best plotters I know, to help by testing a plot with his setup. The result is beyond amazing and he was kind enough to produce this short video about the process…

Chaosplot Test – Plotted by Dan Catt
Chaosplot 1-100 on fxhash
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Auto Park – Generative Abstract Parking

This generative series explores a world of bizarre parking arrangements. Inspired by aerial photography and top down videogames, the modern car park becomes a canvas and automobiles a brush to paint a variety of compositions from realistic to abstract. It is the largest and most complex generative art program I’ve released, written in pure vanilla JavaScript. The 500 piece set is now sold out but some are available on secondary and every iteration is available for viewing on fxhash.

Auto Park on fxhash

Continue reading for more background about Auto Park and my thoughts on the project.

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Antiflow – Supersymmetry from opposing forces

Antiflow is an exploration of how balanced complexity can arise from chaos by harnessing the dynamic interplay of opposing forces. To that end we were inspired to create this wildly unique set by mixing modern physics concepts with abstract expressionism and retro 3D primitives.

“Opposites are not contradictory but complementary.”

Niels Bohr

This work also marks my first collaboration with another generative artist, Ryan Bell known for “Fragements of a Wave” and “Sprocket Factory”. Check out the results on fxhash…

Antiflow on fxhash

I had a small print run of 50 8.5 x 11 Antiflows, they look incredible!

Antiflow Limited Edition Prints
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STRANDED – 8×8 Generative Art Using One Line

I’ve recently gotten interested in the super tiny NFT platform 8bidou where artists share their 8×8 pixel art creations. I spent a while coming up with a special new generative algorithm that would make sense within this space.

The concept using a single line that wraps around randomly to fill up the 8×8 space, a bit like the Tron light cycle game. The algorithm was surprisingly tricky to implement but the incredible results were worth the trouble. You can view them on my 8bidou page.

In total I released 38 8bidou pieces generated with this system. After starting with a 4 piece set to test the waters, I asked my followers on Twitter what they were interested in. It seemed the top choice was 1/1s, so I thought it would be fun to give them a chance to pick their favorites from a large set of results. There was a huge response but I managed to include all 26 that were picked and added 6 of my own to round it out to 32 1/1s. To bookend the set I released 2 final pieces that represent degenerate forms of the algorithm.

My Twitter followers were asked to pick their favorites to be minted

It was kind of a crazy idea and took a while to mint all 32 of those single editions but we also had a lot of fun. I plan to try more ideas on 8bidou and also experiment with developing this algorithm into a larger generative work. Here’s my first twitter post about it where I has just gotten it working. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Byte City Nights – A Bitwise Cityscape Generator

My final generative work for the fxhash beta is an abstract cityscape built with bitwise operators. This 256 piece set demonstrates several different ways of producing interesting patterns with simple math operations. There are 7 different possible operators it may choose for the sky and buildings to produce wildly different results.

I also experimented with a long 2:1 aspect ratio and a neon glow behind the piece when viewed in live mode. When displaying this piece as a large scale print, I recommend placing a led light strip behind the frame to recreate the effect.

Byte City Night on fxhash

Open Source on GitHub

This piece was adapted from my short tutorial that teaches how you can recreate something similar in only 10 minutes..

Keep reading for some more info about this work!

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Chaospills – Generating Art from Chaos

My latest generative work is a based on a simple chaotic algorithm that fills the canvas with intricate fractal patterns. I have been working on it for several months, first releasing a small demo late last year.

The final version explores many different parameter variations and color settings for tremendous variety. This piece is intended for large scale prints up to 8K resolution with small details that may not be visible in previews. They are also really fun to watch draw so please check them out on fxhash for the best viewing experience…

Chaospill on fxhash

Chaospill #75 – white and red with 4 spokes in a square
Chaospill #46 – Four colors with slight curve in a circle
Chaospill – White on black from a cross shape in a square

Keep on reading for some more insight behind this piece.

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Tree Skyness – Generative Tree Top Scene

Crown shyness occurs when the tops of fully grown trees avoid touching each other, forming gaps in the canopy. This piece simulates that phenomena and plays with celestial object avoidance. Features include four seasons, time of day, up to 12 trees, and many special options.

Tree Skyness on fxhash

Four Seasons, Day and Night

Keep reading to see some of my favorite mints and the postcards I sent out…

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Astronomic Comics – Generative Comic Books

On the most barren hostile worlds in the galaxy there are glimmers of life. An alien species has found a way to thrive by building cities under protective domes. Each page of this 512 page generative comic book documents one of the many planets they inhabit.

This piece was created completely from code, with no predefined images, palettes, or post processing. It was programmed in plain vanilla JavaScript from scratch. The now minted out set on fxhash includes 512 comics with many interesting variations. In this post I will share some more info behind the piece.

You can view all the comics on fxhash. I also built a standalone website with some extra features like HD rendering, sort by feature, twitter banner, and improved browsing speed.

Astronomic Comics Explorer

Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration for this piece and how I made it…

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Divide By Circle – 3D Generative Art

My first 3D generative piece on fxhash is an experiment with subdivision, cubes and a circle. The algorithm uses a special subdivision formula that can force arbitrary cuts like a circle, lines or spiral. There is a mutation system attached to the subdivision that helps to create the unique appearance .The color palettes are also generated dynamically. To make it 3D I used Three.js which I have used a few times before for Bogus Roads and Bad Shapes.

Divide By Circle on fxhash

On Display at Generative Taipei On-Site in Taipei, Taiwan
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Gensuzendō – Generative Calligraphy

Hitsuzendō (way of Zen through brush) is believed by Zen Buddhists to be a method of achieving nirvana. This work is my own way of following that practice.

This piece combines many techniques to create the shapes, simulate the brushwork, and generate the stamps. There are several styles possible including ancient, modern, inverse, and graffiti. The stamps are also generated with many varieties possible.

Gensuzendō on fxhash

64 Gensuzendōs on fxhash

Keep reading for some more info about this piece!

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