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Infrastructures – Generative Art Doodler

Infrastructures is a tiny doodling algorithm I discovered and first posted on Dwitter in June of this year. This algorithm is very complex and interesting so I developed it into this larger work and released it on fxhash. You can … Continue reading

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Grayscale Bytes – A Tiny Generative Code Study

This is a study in generative abstract tiny code. I started with this dweet which uses an interesting algorithm to fill in the shapes. From there I added more refinements and polish for release on fxhash. I made a tool … Continue reading

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LittleJS πŸš‚ The Tiny JavaScript Game Engine That Can!

All aboard! LittleJS is lightweight 2D JavaScript game engine with a WebGL rendering system. The goal of this project is to be small, simple, and easy to use for a variety of applications from size coding game jams to commercial … Continue reading

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Space Huggers: A run and gun roguelike for JS13K

πŸš€ Play Space Huggers in your browser! The souce code is also available on GitHub!

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Batafuraiko – Winner of JS1024 2021

It’s official, “Batafuraiko” is the winner of JS1024! This is one of my favorite game jams because the main restriction is the program must be under 1 kilobyte. I had a blast with my entry and learned a few things … Continue reading

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Bad Shapes – Music Video Website

Live Demo on itch.io I made an interactive website for the band Bad Shapes! This virtual art installation features the self titled album by Bad Shapes and generative visual art set in a realistic 3D scene.

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Cityscape Sunset – Tiny Code Video Lesson

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Dissecting A Dweet #9: City Sunset

Hello, tiny coders, I’m back with another dwitter dissection! Today we will explore the JavaScript code that produces this beautiful procedurally generated cityscape. for(z=k=2e3;k–;x.fillRect(i*9+S(z*t)*z|0,j*9+t*420,t?9:z,9))i=k%9,j=k/9|0,x.fillStyle=R(q=t?i*j%2*400*S(k*k*t):k/3+C(k*k)*39,q-99,t?q-k:99) Continue reading on for a full explanation of how it was made!

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Major ZzFX Update

New ZzFX Features 19 parameters (over twice as many) 7 Presets for easier sound effect creation Improved web browser compatibility Streamlined user interface and workflow Cleaner and simpler code The fully minified version is under 1 kilobyte. So much more! … Continue reading

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Interactive Mandelbrot Particles

An experiment to visualize how points move around the mandelbrot set. Draw with your mouse and watch the Mandelbrot set do it’s magic! See the Pen Interactive Mandelbrot Particles by Frank Force (@KilledByAPixel) on CodePen.

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